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ThaiYogaMetta Thai Massage in Madison WI
335 W Lakeside St, Madison WI 53715
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News:  [As of February 14, 2019]

Tucson:  I am now in the Tucson AZ phase of my year until May 2019.  
I will return to Madison WI from May 12th, 2019 until October.

Location Schedule:
Tucson AZ:   January until May 2019
Madison WI: May thru September 2019
Tucson AZ:   September 2019 until Spring 2020

New Service Offerings:  (See Services & Rates for mor information)
Thai Acupressure, Tok Sen, Meditation Consultation, Thai Myofascial Release, Freestyle Energy Balancing

Current Status:
In order to be an active grandfather I am adopting a snowbird/sunbird lifestyle between Madison WI and Tucson AZ.  I will be in Madison WI from late Spring/early Summer through the holidays and then back to Tucson AZ.  My schedule may vary slightly from year to year.  Stay tuned and check my Schedule Page and Oline Booking Calendar.  Online booking is available now.  Select the Schedule link in the Menu above or